Our Privacy Policy

Thanks for visiting As we are concerned about your privacy as like you, we are fully responsible to protect your personal information which you share with us.

Our basic intent to collect your personal information is to stay connected with you and reach back to you whenever possible.

What We Collect?

Edmfeed can collect:

  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Name
  • Cookies

These details are important for us to understand you better and these details are totally safe with our highly secured servers.

No Data Selling/Sharing

Personalized data can be used for showing personalized ads, changing the tastes or preferences of an online user and more.

Therefore, We don’t sell or share the personal details of any edmfeed visitor to the third-party. Also, it is against the law which we never breached and we’ll never breach.

We believe in relationships and we value our visitors so there is no risk of data leakage, sharing or selling with the third-parties.