YouTube announces 3 new tips to enhance keyword research for videos.

Is your video not getting any views or not getting a stable ranking on the selected keywords?   

Or you are a creator but don’t know what is trending and what most of the audience is watching on youtube., more than 60% of the content creators on youtube don’t know about the keywords they have used in their videos & most of them use keywords with no search traffic.

It is the most eagerly awaited question from many content creators on youtube. These tips help you to enhance the engagement ratio and also improve the ranking of your video on the related keywords. 

Read this article to learn how the youtube algorithm works when you upload a new video and how it sees it.

Tricks for best keyword research:

For a content creator- content Is foremost and keywords are the second most important things that the creator should consider before uploading. 

As content engages the public and keywords help the youtube algorithm to serve your content to the right people and improve the ranking of your video on the selected keywords.

  •  Audience insights
  •  Google trends
  •  Competitive analysis 

 Audience Insights

There is an audience insights card in youtube analytics. It shows what is trending on youtube and what most people like watching on youtube. 

Audience insights help you to get ideas like what to create and for whom to create.

In audience insights, you can discover many new topics in which the audience is interested. 

It also guides you on how to create content and provides full information about the keywords that you should use according to the type of your niche.

Google trends

As its name says it helps the creators to identify new trends in the market. It is a free tool by Google that helps a creator to identify new and upcoming market trends.

Google trends are also useful to compare topics with each other. It provides a graph representation of a particular topic showing its trend history. 

With the help of this tool, you can focus on the trending topics of a particular region or country. Google trend also helps in providing keyword research for videos.

Competitive Analysis

It is a trick that is helpful for keyword research. When we put a keyword in the youtube search bar it recommends other keywords according to our query.

Its main focus is to learn from other content creators how they make their content, how they place their keywords according to their content, and how they make titles, descriptions.


All of these tools help you with keyword research and also help you find new topics in which the audience is interested. You can also add an extension called Vidiq. 

Vidiq helps you to find the keywords that a creator has used in his video.

Vidiq also provides information about the trending topics in which the audience is interested. 

You can also target audiences from other nations by customizing your content according to their trending topics, it can be done by Google trends

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