Prologue To Digital Marketing Industry

Digital marketing is a prominent skill right now. Promoting goods, services, brand name by the use of the internet and online platforms is called digital marketing.

Digital marketing consists of a variety of techniques by which you can reach your potential customers. Some of the techniques are mentioned below:-

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • SMM (Social Media Marketing)
  • Email Marketing
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  • Influencer Marketing

SEO (Search Engine Marketing) 

SEO is all about optimizing your website and content for the search engines as well as for the real humans. That’s how search engines can understand your content better and deliver it to the relevant audience fast

If your website’s SEO is strong enough then definitely you’ll get more targeted customers to your website. This is an evergreen and hard to learn digital marketing technique. 

SMM (Social Media Marketing)

Social media platforms hold millions of active users. Your targeted audience could be there and you can target them in so many different ways on social media platforms like paid ads, influencers, content marketing, etc.

The social media marketing technique shows instant results and facilitates you to directly interact with your fans or customers. If you select the right content with the right social platform in your strategy then surely you’ll get amazing results. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing takes time to establish a strong bond between your brand and your customers. Once it’s done, you can drive your loyal users to your business website, blogs, videos, or to any other piece of content.

Email marketing is a still useful digital marketing technique to grow a business. Basically, if you have personal data of your interested customers then definitely you can build a strong customer relationship with them and boost your conversions.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

SEO is an important technique to grow a business but it takes time. In some cases, it may take weeks or months, or years. 

But, search engines have the most convertible traffic for your business. So, they have facilitated an option for small business owners to showcase their website before organic results without waiting for weeks or months. It is called Search Engine Marketing.

It is a totally paid marketing technique so big brands use SEM on the big-budget for regular leads. And, search engine marketing is also known as PPC (pay-per-click) marketing.

Influencer Marketing

Brands collaborate with celebrities or people having large numbers of followers. In this marketing technique, brands get higher conversion rates because of the face value of the influencers.

Results from influencer marketing depend upon two major factors:

  • Niche
  • Content

Niche:- Some niches get amazing responses from the influencers with the same industry. But, some don’t.

Content:- If you know that your content is not powerful then don’t go for this option. Qualitative content is the basic requirement of influencer marketing. 

Reality Of Digital Marketing Industry

The digital marketing industry is new, especially in India. Some skilled and hardworking digital marketers are earning hundreds of dollars a month and some are earning the same amount in a few days.

At the same time, whether a person is a successful YouTuber or blogger or anything else, they are getting so much love, support, and fame from their fans. 

In short, if you have skills and you can use them digitally to add value to the lives of your fans then definitely you can fulfill your dreams through this industry. 

But, everything is not that much transparent as you see in interviews or blogs. There is a dark side too to digital marketing.

 As a beginner digital marketer, be aware of the dark side of digital marketing. You can also read about Digital Marketing Institutes In India: Reality Of These Institutes.

Illegal Or Blackhat Digital Marketing Proposals

As a new digital marketer, you may seek a job or a freelance project to start your career. At this time, people may offer you projects to do some “Blackhat SEO” or promote their illegal content with some illegal techniques. 

Illegal content may contain things like Dope Content, Sexual Content, Hate Speech Content, Religion Hurting Content, Abusive Content, etc. 

So, if you get such kind of offers then never get into the trap. Because it may destroy your career before the start.

If you breach any guideline or policy of any online platforms like Google, Facebook, Youtube, etc. You may get punished and can never be a good digital marketer in the future. 

Don’t Get Into The Trap Of Instant Money

If you build an online community like a Facebook page with thousands of followers or a Youtube channel with thousands of subscribers then people may offer you fake deals like “if you share my article or video on your page or channel then I can give $1000 weekly”.

These all are the traps to get your login details or to hack your online assets. Also, people may tell you to install their apps and give permission to them. This may also be a trap, so be aware of all of these traps. 

Never Believe On So-Called Digital Marketing Experts

As a business owner, if you are going to invest in your business promotion then definitely digital marketing will be a part of your marketing strategy. 

So, you will be looking for a professional Digital marketer who can handle everything. But, as we know, digital marketing is a new industry and there are very few knowledgeable digital marketers who can actually do this for you.

In your seeking process, you’ll meet so many digital marketers who will claim that they are the experts in SEO, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Etc. 

But, don’t believe anybody without seeing their digital works and practical knowledge. Otherwise, they’ll just suck your money without providing you result-oriented work. 

Fake Followers, Fake Reviews, And Many More

Are you going to buy any product or service by seeing online reviews? This can help you a bit but at the same time, keep in mind that people buy fake reviews to build their fake online reputation.

Also, companies buy fake followers to show their strong online presence to their customers. 

But, actually, these practices are useless for online reputation management because they can buy followers or reviews but they can never buy real engagement without providing value-added content to their customers. 

So, never judge the online world too quickly because this may make your decisions wrong. 

Digital Marketing Jobs With No Benefit

Have you just completed your digital marketing course and are looking forward to starting a job or internship? 

Always keep in mind that you can learn so many things as a fresher on the job. But, it depends on how long they are teaching and how many new things they are teaching you.

When they stop teaching you just leave the job and start seeking the second one. Because you can only polish your skills through consistent learning.

By doing the same activities over and over again you are not gonna grow. Basically, you have to learn several digital marketing techniques but be a master in one.  

In short, you can get DM (digital marketing) jobs in which you’ll not learn much even if you put in so much effort. That time, you need to identify that and move ahead to find a better one. 

The Freelancing World In Digital Marketing Industry

The freelance world of digital marketing sounds beautiful and actually, it is. You can be in your comfort zone while working at your home.

There is no specific lunchtime, no formal dress, no senior’s pressure on your head. You can spend time with your family and can earn money at the same time.

The freelancing world in digital marketing

But, it is tough to have freelance digital marketing projects, especially in India. There are two ways to get freelance digital marketing projects in India.

  • Through Word Of Mouth Marketing
  • Through Digital Marketing Techniques

Through Word Of Mouth Marketing

Word of mouth marketing is so effective in this digital marketing industry. The conversion rate of word of mouth marketing is much higher than any other marketing technique. 

The biggest reason for this higher conversion rate is the trust factor. Digital marketing is a new field and people are not aware of it but it becomes the necessity of this world so rapidly.

So, they required a professional who can handle all the related tasks to digital marketing for their business growth. 

But, giving the work to an unknown marketer is too risky. Hence, everyone seeks a known one. A known digital marketer is much more reliable than an unknown one. 

That’s why, if you are looking for a freelance digital marketing project then tell your friends and family members that you have learned digital marketing skills and you need work. Surely, you’ll get a project soon.

Through Digital Marketing Techniques

There are so many techniques in digital marketing by which you can keep a proposal to your targeted business owners. 

You can approach your clients through emails, calls, ads, etc. But, all these techniques could fail if you do not keep these 3 things in your mind:-

  • Polite Approach:- A simple polite approach with a greeting is important to maximize your conversion rate. This helps you to maintain a healthy professional relationship with your clients.
  • Provide Value Added Tips:- You need to give some value to your clients to make them feel special. For example, you can give a free SEO audit to their website or can create a list of flaws in their branding strategy. That’s how they’ll feel special and come back to you.
  • Show Your Digital Work:- In the end, you have to prove yourself. Show your digital work through your past projects or personal projects. It’s like a cherry on the cake.

Job World In Digital Marketing Industry

A digital marketing job is similar to any other job where there is no special treatment for you as an employee. Also, you learn new and advanced things from your colleagues.

As a fresher, you may face difficulties to find a job because no one wants to take the risk for their business by hiring a fresher digital marketer.

But, once you build a strong portfolio, companies will beg you to handle their digital marketing work. In short, practical knowledge and portfolio (digital work) is the key to success in the digital marketing industry. 

So, start building your portfolio now. 

Evergreen Skills And Designations In Digital Marketing Industry

There are so many modules in digital marketing and it is common to get confused between them. But, if you want to make a career in the digital marketing industry then you should select and learn an evergreen digital marketing designation.

The most demanding and evergreen digital marketing designations are listed below:-

SEO Executive

Microsoft declared SEO the hardest skill of digital marketing. If you have the potential to improve the SERP ranking of any brand with given keywords then you are going to rock the world.

A skilled SEO executive has a bright future. So, this could be your cup of tea.

Social Media Manager

Brands want sales and awareness about their product or service among their targeted audience. 

If you can help them to achieve their goals through social media marketing by preparing an efficient strategy then your future is bright.

Companies can pay you your desired money to achieve their goals.

Content Marketing Strategist

Digital marketing is also known as inbound marketing. In this marketing approach, you provide value to your customers through electronic content.

After adding value to the lives of your customers you build a strong relationship with them. That’s how content marketing works. 

Now, you can use content marketing in so many ways to achieve the decided goals of the brands. If you can help them accomplish their goals then definitely you can stay in this industry easily. 

Data Analyst

Data analyst refers to a person who can use data collecting tools effectively to understand the behavior of a targeted customer. 

This helps brands to understand what a customer is looking for and how they can make a customer stay longer on their business websites to increase the chances of profitable action. 

It is also an evergreen digital marketing technique. 

Content Writer

Content writing is an art. If you can touch the emotions of people through your words then the digital marketing industry needs you. 

SEO, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, etc based upon content. If you can write some amazing lines and blogs to attract potential customers then you can fulfill your dreams in the digital marketing industry.

Email Marketing Specialist

Email marketing is a very old technique but reliable. Doesn’t matter if you’re a big brand or not, email marketing is still required for you to maintain a healthy customer relationship.

Facebook, Google, Nike, Pinterest, Reliance, etc everyone uses email marketing to stay connected with their existing customers as well as to target new customers.

So, if you’re good at creating successful email marketing campaigns then you can earn a lot through this. 

Earning You Can Expect In Digital Marketing Industry

There is no limit to earning money in digital marketing but yeah as a fresher you may expect the minimum salary of 10K.

With time, when you get experience, there is no limit to touching the sky. So, keep learning and keep earning. 


The digital marketing industry is vast and you can be successful in it if you have the skills, dedication, and potential to do hard work consistently. 

You’ll face ups and downs in this industry like any other industry but never lose your temperament and patience. In the end, you will touch the sky.

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