Maybe you want to learn digital marketing and are looking forward to the best digital marketing institute near you.

But, do you know these institutes can’t help you much to really learn something worthwhile? 

In this blog, you’ll learn how these digital marketing institutes are sucking money from the students without teaching them a single worthy digital marketing skill. 

So, let me start praising these institutes.

How Do We See Digital Marketing Institutes In India?

Digital marketing is a trending skill these days and people who are aware of it want to learn it passionately.

As we know, the digital marketing industry can fulfill your dreams if you are skilled in any of its modules.   

Every skill has its basics and those basics can be taught by a good teacher or can be learned on your own. 

So, most people prefer the first option in which you learn the basics from a professional teacher. 

So, joining a good digital marketing institute is the only option that seems to most people. 

What Do We Expect From A Digital Marketing Institute?

Most of the institutes commit you to a job placement but actually, you’ll get nothing after job completion. 

These 3 mentioned things are the most common to expect to a digital marketing institute by every digital marketing learner student:

  • Latest Techniques Of Digital Marketing
  • Live Projects
  • Job Placement

Latest Techniques Of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a dynamic industry in which algorithms changes, machine learning behavior, policy, and guidelines changes occur rapidly. 

You can’t learn every single module of digital marketing perfectly like if you are stronger in SEO (search engine optimization) and social media marketing then it is not necessary that you’ll also do well in affiliate marketing or E-mail marketing.

The main reason behind this is rapid changes and updates in the policies and algorithms for the different platforms. In short, a single active digital marketer who spends 14 hours a day in front of the computer to learn new things, can’t be perfect in every module.

Now, think once if it is hard to read and memorize these all updates in your head then how can an institute update its course according to daily ongoing changes?

Not possible. Right? That’s the logic that you are not gonna learn the latest techniques of digital marketing because their courses are already outdated. 

Live Projects

Most of the digital marketing institutes mention in their course details that they’ll provide you live projects so you can have some practical knowledge. 

Actually, those projects are useless for you. You are not going to learn any stronger and logical basics from them.

For example, if they are giving you a project of SEO then they will tell you to do some basic practices like writing titles and descriptions for their web pages or monitoring the traffic on Google webmaster or Google analytics, etc.

Do you think it’s gonna help you to learn something?

Totally big NO! 

Job Placement

Most of the students think that they’ll get a job in digital marketing because the institute is assuring 100% job placement guarantee. 

But, after the course completion, if you fail in getting a job in the digital marketing industry then they will totally blame you that you haven’t learned everything properly even if you’re capable.

Hence, never rely on these institutes for job placement because nothing is going to happen like this.  

What We Actually Get From Digital Marketing Institutes

If you live in India and thinking to learn digital marketing from an institute then you’ll get the following things:

High Fees:- As we know digital marketing is in trend right now so people are sucking money at the name of a digital marketing course. You’ll get nothing but high fees from these institutes.  

Outdated Course:- The course you are going to consume in your nearby digital marketing institute will be definitely outdated. We already mentioned the reason why these institutes can’t keep updating their courses consistently. 

Time Wastage:- You have spent money to learn the art and in return, you got the outdated course. Basically, you have wasted your time or you’ll waste your time in the future. 

Digital Marketing Institutes vs Self-Study

So, the last and the most valuable question is which is a better option to push start your digital marketing career “Self Study” or “Digital Marketing Institute”?.

Let me elaborate on both of them a bit more.

Self-Study:- Self-study is the only way to learn and enhance your digital marketing skills. As we know, digital marketing is a dynamic industry so you have to stay alert for the latest updates in the algorithms and policies of different online platforms. That’s how you’ll grow in the future consistently. 

Digital Marketing Institute:- As a beginner, if you don’t even know the terminology of the digital marketing industry then you can pursue a course. But, you have to keep in mind that you are not gonna earn millions of dollars by a basic outdated course.

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