In today’s era, AI is a big help for marketers, especially when it comes to finding potential customers, known as lead generation. 

AI basically uses smart technology to look at tons of information and figure out who might be interested in a product or service. This helps marketers save time and energy. 

AI also makes things easier by doing repetitive jobs, like sorting through leads and figuring out which ones are most likely to become customers. By using AI, marketers use lead generation to outreach people.

But, Instead of spending millions of dollars on Paid ads marketers can generate leads using user friendly AI automated tools. One such AI tool is Dripify: An ultimate linkedin outreach automation tool.

Dripify isn’t an average LinkedIn tool—it’s like a super-smart helper for making LinkedIn work better for you. Instead of just doing simple tasks, Dripify goes a step further.

What is Dripify?

Dripify is one of the best and most widely used linkedin outreach automation tools with multiple functions. This specially designed Linkedin automation tool can send lots of messages, look at profiles and even help make new connections as well as answer connection requests.

It helps you save time and get more done on LinkedIn. Automation can also be set up when your posts go live, so you don’t have to be on the site all the time to stay in touch with your friends and connections. 

You can also see how well your plans are doing, bring in your team to help, and keep an eye on what everyone is doing each day.Hence Dripify makes things easier and saves you time.

Plus, you can reply to new messages from your leads right inside Dripify, so you don’t have to switch back and forth. In a nutshell, Dripify makes LinkedIn work smarter for you by automating things and making it easy to connect with the right people.

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Who all can use Dripify?

Dripify is useful for almost everyone, be it a Business owner, Marketer, recruiter or sales person.

Use of Dripify for a Business Owner, sales person, recruiter or a marketer
Dripify can be used by everyone

Dripify is great for business owners and entrepreneurs because it saves time and helps them get noticed online. Marketers also love it for running LinkedIn campaigns and figuring out what works best. 

Sales teams use it to find customers faster and work together better. Freelancers and solo workers use Dripify to look good on LinkedIn and find new clients. If you have LinkedIn Premium, it works even better. Basically, if you want to get things done on LinkedIn and make it work for you, Dripify is the tool to use.

Why you should use this Linkedin automation Tool

Automating your LinkedIn using dripify makes it very easy to connect with potential customers, generate leads and boost sales even when you are away. It is useful as it  helps build your brand by scheduling posts and updates, ensuring your audience sees fresh content regularly

steps for linkedin automation with the help of Dripify
Linkedin Automation using dripify

The automating feature saves time as you can put repetitive tasks on autopilot mode. Lastly, automated activities let you track engagement easily, ensuring you create content that resonates with your audience, ultimately increasing overall engagement for your small business.

Dripify majorly is useful in:

  • Connecting with potential customers
  • Building brand awareness
  • Saves Time
  • Increased Engagement
  • Boosting ROI

How you can leverage the power of Linkedin database using Dripify

Linkedin is a social media platform designed exclusively for building business relationships and making professional connections.

It is the largest professional network with over 500 million users from around the world, offering a vast pool of potential connections and opportunities.

LinkedIn provides a unique space for networking with professionals in your field, allowing you to connect, share, and learn from others in your industry.

Hence it’s important to build a professional network on LinkedIn, where one can send invitations to LinkedIn members asking them join your network, follow someone on LinkedIn to see their posts, join groups, follow hashtags, or attend events to find relevant people, send customised messages etc.

Having a strong network on LinkedIn can open doors to new opportunities and collaborations. This is where dripify helps you to automate your linkedin activities from creating lead generation to sending customized messages and reminders.

Therefore to get the most out of LinkedIn, you have two choices: either hire someone to do the job, like an intern, or use special software that does the work for you.

If you hire someone, they might do a good job, but it takes time and they might make mistakes. On the other hand, there’s automated software like Dripify that makes things much easier.

How to start using dripify

Dripify is simple to use, and it’s perfect for small businesses and people who want to do well on LinkedIn without spending too much time on it. So, if you want to make LinkedIn work better for your business, Dripify is the way to go!

How to sign up

Firstly go to dripify  and create an account, filling in simple details as shown in the image or else simply sign up using your google account.

How to signup into Dripify
Step 1: Sign Up into Dripify

How to connect dripify with your Linkedin account

Dripify is a sophisticated automated outreach tool designed for LinkedIn. It helps in streamlining those tasks which you do manually, by  using your local IP address.

Step-2:Connecting Linkedin account to Dripify

To enable this seamless automation, Dripify requires access to your LinkedIn account. Rest assured, your account is fully encrypted, ensuring the utmost security.

It’s important to note that granting access doesn’t provide direct control over your LinkedIn account; instead, it allows Dripify to operate within the encrypted boundaries set by the system.

This level of protection ensures the confidentiality of your LinkedIn account information.

Your privacy and security are paramount, and Dripify is committed to maintaining the highest standards to enhance your LinkedIn experience without compromising the safety of your account details.

How to start prospecting on autopilot mode

Then you must just follow the onboarding instructions and complete your Dripify profile.

After this you must just start creating your campaign.

Step-3: Creating a campaign

Just go on the “New campaign” button as shown in the image. Once you click on “New campaign”, it takes you to add leads as shown below:

Click on “Add Leads”

Step-4: Adding leads

After this, you will have to simply give a name to your current leads list, followed by pasting the exact LinkedIn URL you wish to include in your lead list.

For example; I want to give the name “lead Generation 1” to my list , then I will simply open My LinkedIn search account in another tab, Do all the search I need to make, and apply as many filters as I want and then simply paste that filtered LinkedIn URL in the box as shown in the image.

Step-5: Copy – Paste Linkedin URL

Then simply paste in the box in Dripify webpage click on “Create List”

Step 6: Create a list of your leads

How to export leads and use it for remarketing

Simply Click on ⏭️”Next” and start creating a sequence for you campaign:

Step 7: lead generation

Then select a template of your choice amongst the given options. I am selecting “lead generation” as my main agenda behind the drill.You can also choose a different template depending on your requirement.

Step 8: Multiple Templates to choose from

Then you have simply create a sequence of events as shown:

Step 9: Set the sequence of events

Create your plan step by step! Choose what you want Dripify to do on LinkedIn, decide how much time between each action, and pick when you want it to start – all in the easy control panel

Customise your message

Then simply check your plan, choose the right conditions, connect with Hubspot or Google Sheets using Zapier, and start your campaign.

Softwares like Hubspot, Google Sheets or Zapier are basically known as Webhooks. Webhooks are like messengers for computers.

They tell one computer when something happens on another computer and share the details. It’s like a quick note passing between them, so they’re always updated about what’s going on.

Although it’s not mandatory to use webhooks, you can also export the generated leads list and statistics and further use as per your convenience.

You have simply go and click “statistics” and then hit the “export” button as shown:

Once you are done with your setting, you have simply save and Launch your campaign.

Dripify Pricing

You can Unlock the power of Dripify at very affordable prices!

They offer a 7-day Free Trial plan and the services start immediately as you connect your LinkedIn account to Dripify.

Their subscription plans are designed to fit your needs, ensuring you get the most value out of automating your LinkedIn tasks. They have no hidden fees, and the plans are very transparent. just transparent pricing that scales with your business.

For your reference, please see the image below to understand their subscription model and what all is included in it.

Dripify Subscription Plans

Dripify review and online presence

Reviews on third party sites:

Dripify displays outstanding ratings on various third-party websites, showcasing its excellence. Users across different platforms have expressed their satisfaction, praising Dripify for its effectiveness in automating LinkedIn tasks seamlessly.

The positive feedback shows Dripify’s reliability and user-friendly experience, making it a top choice for those seeking an efficient and trustworthy LinkedIn automation tool.

Few screenshots of customer feedbacks have been shared here for your reference.

References on third party sites

Reviews on their own site 

Dripify proudly boasts a list of satisfied customers. Users who have used dripify for a long period have shared positive experiences and have expressed high satisfaction with its LinkedIn automation features.

Majority of them have generously awarded Dripify a stellar 5-star rating, accompanied by great reviews focussing majorly on its effectiveness and user-friendly approach in automating LinkedIn tasks.

Reviews on Dripify

Our personal review

I find Dripify to be an outstanding LinkedIn automation tool, especially considering its price. However, it’s important to master its use. Simply relying on automation won’t get you with leads.

What is also required is consistent follow-ups and effective conversion strategies.

For instance, if you happen to send a link of your services or products etc via automated text, then the landing page and your offer must be strong enough to hold on to the customer.

Hence, do not only rely on dripify; an all-in-one tool can’t do everything; a multi-channel approach works best.

Dripify will show best results when used wisely, but it’s equally vital to complement it with other efforts for optimal results.

Note: We have used our affiliate links in the article.

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