As an advertiser, we create ads on Facebook and they go into the review. After review, they might get approved, rejected, or can show learning status or learning limited status. 

All these statuses have a meaning like what Facebook artificial intelligence thinks about our ad. 

For instance, approved means our ad is not breaching any Facebook advertising policy and it is approved. 

Whereas a rejected message clearly shows that our ad is not appropriate for the audience on Facebook so it can’t be run. 

Learning refers to Facebook learning our optimization events to give us the best possible outcome according to our goal.

But, “learning limited” status is a bit different and it could be a problem for you as an advertiser. 

facebook learning limited status

In this article, we will learn what actually learning limited status does mean and how we can overcome this issue.

What Is Facebook Ad “Learning Limited” Status?

According to our advertising goal, we create an ad with specific targeting and ad copy. After the creation, Facebook learns all the attribution settings you set in your campaign. 

Attribution refers to age groups, devices, locations, etc. These attributions help you to specify your buyer’s persona on Facebook. 

Now, Facebook tries to learn your settings, and according to your optimization event or outcome their system bids on in the auction. 

In simple words, an optimization event or outcome is the end result that you should get according to your ad objective. 

For instance, you want to run conversion ads on Facebook but your possible outcome is to get clicks from the users who are interested in your product or service. 

So, Facebook will consider “Clicks” as an optimization event or outcome of your ad. 

When Facebook Ad Learning Limited Message Appears?

When Facebook is unable to provide you 50 possible optimization events or outcomes in a week then it starts showing you learning limited status. 

It is a type of error that slows down your ad serving speed or it may temporarily stop the ad serving. 

Resulting in this, you won’t be able to achieve your business goals. This could happen because of the following reasons:

  • Too specific audience
  • Too broad Audience
  • Low budget
  • Bid or cost control
  • Changes in optimization event

What Is The Solution Of the Facebook Ad “Learning Limited” Issue?

To fix the learning limited issue in your campaign you can follow the below-mentioned suggestions: 

Don’t Make Audience Too Specific: Too specific audiences will be small in size and it will be hard for Facebook to give you enough outcomes. Hence, it will slow down your ad serving. So, keep your audience size optimal.  

Don’t Make Audience Too Broad: Now, a too broad audience is also a problem because you may add too many attributes in your setting which will be hard for Facebook to understand and give you enough outcomes. For example, don’t add too many interests and different demographics otherwise you’ll face a limited learning issue.

Budget: If your cost per conversion is Rs 100 and your daily budget is Rs 50 then Facebook AI won’t be able to deliver you the expected results and resulting in they will show you “learning limited” status. Also, if you have set your minimum bid too low to control the cost then increase it or keep it automated.  

Stop Making Frequent Changes:

Once you create the campaign, don’t make changes in your campaign frequently. Leave your campaign for 3 days and then think about making new changes.

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