Facebook has started encouraging Hashtags again, which has meant that Facebook is reconsidering the Hashtags.

So the question is, should we use Hashtags on Facebook and would they be beneficial? Or would there be any improvement in reach or not?

Facebook had brought the hashtags in ‘2013’ because they were trending on Twitter.

But, users were not that interested in using those hashtags in their posts and to search the posts by using these hashtags.

Then in 2016` there was a study managed by BuzzSumo that analyzed 1 billion Facebook posts all over the world.

This study showed that the posts which have used hashtags had less reach and the posts which didn’t use hashtags had more reach.

This data was found in 2016. Now, 2020 has come and facebook is promoting and provoking users to put hashtags in their posts by promising about reach improvement.

But, there is currently no such proven search available that indicates whether it is improving the reach or not.

As the hashtags are completely free of cost on the said platform then why shouldn’t we use them.

In simple words, if we are adding such hashtags then there are probably some chances that reach may improve.

After so many updates in the last few years and the study in 2016 now in 2020 Facebook is boosting and pushing the use of hashtags.

The use of such hashtags on Facebook would definitely improve reach because this decision has come after a long time and there must have been many updates done so it may help to improve reach.

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