What Does It Mean By “Facebook Blocked My Website”?

Facebook is a social platform full of a variety of audiences with different purchasing potentials. Many businesses generate revenue from this platform. 

Some bloggers drive traffic to their blogs by sharing their text-based content pieces on Facebook. And, many business websites do the same to generate leads, sales, brand awareness or to accomplish other goals.

Most probably you do the same but sometimes Facebook shows you a warning that this URL or link cannot be shared on their platform.

What is it? Actually, they have blocked your domain or website link that is commonly known as Facebook website blocking. 

Why Facebook Blocked Your Domain Or Website? 

Facebook values its audience and they want to build a strong and safe community. Content that goes against their content guidelines or activities that breaches their community guidelines is strictly prohibited by Facebook. 

So, they take action and instantly block your domain. Some of the common reasons by which your website may get blocked are listed below:-

Fake Distribution:- Fake distribution refers to sharing your domain on Facebook artificially over and over again through fake Facebook ids, pages, groups.

This signals to the Facebook algorithm (edgerank) that you are using multiple accounts or groups or pages to increase the ranking of your content in the Facebook news feed. 

This can be tracked through IP address, location, and device. So, never try to cheat Facebook.  

Adult Content:- Children also use Facebook and Facebook is protective of its community. If you share adult content that is not allowed on Facebook then your domain will be blocked right away. 

Hate Speech:- Your content link which consists of hate speech will be blocked soon. Hate speech is strictly prohibited on Facebook. 

Misleading Content:- Content link or website link which misleading people will also be blocked. Suppose you share a link on Facebook in which you wrote about dope but changes the thumbnail and title of the link through an OG tag to show Facebook that your article is all about “how to make tea”. 

This will be considered misleading and your domain will be blocked instantly. 

False News:- If you spread false news through your shared link and people bounce back to Facebook after redirecting to your website then the same decision will be taken by the algorithm and your domain will get blocked. 

Engagement Baiting:- If you Influence people by tricking them to get more comments, likes, and shares then this is called engagement baiting and if you do this through your shared links then for sure your domain will get blocked.

Disadvantages Of Website Blocking By Facebook?

Facebook is a huge platform with millions of active users. If your website gets blocked on Facebook then you may face some critical issues like:-

Less Social Shares:- Your website will get less overall social shares. Social shares are important to send the signal to search engines that your website is also famous on social platforms. Usually, these social signals are known as 2.0 signals. 

Less Website Traffic:- As you know that you can drive tons of active users to your website from Facebook, your website block on Facebook can reduce the total number of visitors on your website drastically. 

Searching For Alternative:- You may see a fall in the total number of visitors to your site after our domain block on Facebook. For compensation, you may need to find an alternative platform for Facebook. 

How To Unblock Your Domain Or Website From Facebook?

So, your domain has been blocked now and you want to unblock it. Right? 

But how to do that?

Firstly, understand the concept of how this process works and then follow the steps to unblock your domain. 

Facebook values its community members and if they tell something to Facebook, Facebook accepts that instantly. So, we’ll do the same. 

Steps To Unblock Domain

  • Get your friend’s phone and open his Facebook account on it.
  • Share your blocked domain on the timeline of your friend’s id.
  • Facebook will show a warning that the URL can’t be shared.
  • Press the button “let us know”.
  • Submit an appeal that your Domain is not spammy and Facebook mistakenly blocked this domain.
  • Repeat this process 15 to 20 times with different ids, IP addresses, and devices.

Note: Never use the same device, IP address, and FB id over and over again. 

That’s it. After completing the above steps, wait for 15 to 30 days. And, you can come back and congratulate me after your domain unblock. 


Breaching the Facebook community or content guidelines will never make you successful on the platform. Create powerful content and let Facebook distribute your content naturally. 

If your content would be powerful then definitely it will get more shares, likes, reactions, comments, and views. So, instead of cheating the algorithm, try to improve your content quality and marketing strategy.

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