In the 21st century, everyone is very well accustomed to the term “Globalization”. This phenomenon has largely affected all the service and industry sectors worldwide.

I mean who won’t like to expand his business if one can increase the trade of his goods and services? 

Hence, this article is all about forming a rock-hard strategy for international digital marketing which will let you build clients and links overseas. 

Before discussing the practical method for forming a marketing strategy, you should consider 2 important points that will give you a clearer vision of the process. 

These 2 points are as follows:-

  • Who is your potential client
  • An attractive portfolio


A potential client is the one who has the potential to be your customer or client. You need to target your clients on the basis of various aspects like:

Geographical area – You should choose a location where you want to get the clients. It can be a city, state, or region. For eg – East Asia, East United States.

Business type – You can target a specific industry.

For eg – The automobile industry, hospitals, or IT companies. 

Company size – Whether you want a small-scale company or a large one. 

For eg – Less than 40 employees, corporations, etc.  


If you are an experienced marketer and have invested your time in 4-5 projects, Then congratulations! You have an attractive profile to impress the client. 

But most of us are freshers who might have worked for themselves and have a lot of knowledge but are still waiting for a chance to prove their intelligence. 

Well, in that case, you don’t need to worry. I will share some tips that will help you to get a client when you are a fresher. It can also be beneficial for experienced marketers. 

Method To Get An International Client

So, to start finding your first international client just simply go to Google and type the business name from which you want to get the client.

Now, Google will show you some results and the topmost result will be a group of some business listings called a local pack.

For instance, I searched “dentists in Toronto”.

Google search "dentists in Toronto"

Go to any of the listings that appear over there and click on their website tab to visit their website. 

Local pack results for query "Google search "dentists in Toronto""

After visiting the website follow these steps:  

  • Collect the business email id or contact number of the business from the listing and create a spreadsheet of the data.
  • Analyze their website and collect some genuine SEO issues with proof to make them believe they really need an SEO specialist.
  • Write a soft sale email to the business email id like “Hey your website can perform better in SERP by fixing these issues” and attach the spreadsheet of issues you made.
  • Wait for 2 days for their revert. If you don’t get a revert then shoot the same mail to them. Repeat this process 3 times for a single business.
  • Never try to sell your services but to help them. Your helping efforts and knowledgeable behavior will help you to get the project.

Note: you can follow these steps for multiple businesses with a dedicated mini audit report and soft sale email. Most probably you’ll get a project in 15 days. Apart from this method, you can see 4 more new ways to get an SEO client.

Final Words

This is a simple process by which you can get clients anywhere in the world. Keep in mind, acquiring a client is hard but retaining a client is harder.

The simple tactic to acquire and retain your clients long is to provide value to them through your work and always explain your work to them in small chunks so they can understand your hard work.

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