The ultimate goal of any creator making YouTube videos is to drive more traffic to its YouTube Channel. But why exactly? To rank your YouTube videos on the video streaming platform backed by Google, it is crucial that you drive more traffic to your videos. 

The YouTube algorithm works on a simple rule: the higher the video views, the better the YouTube video ranking. 

Why Is YouTube Video Ranking Important? 

With so many creators coming forward to join the fast-growing creators economy, it is becoming vital to make hype of your content online. On YouTube, the ranking of your videos aka the views getting on your video content determines how likely YouTube is going to suggest it to others. 

There are many factors through which YouTube decides whether to rank your video or not. Watch time is the biggest ranking of a youtube video followed by videos description, niche, topic popularity and so on. It all boils down to monetization in the end: the highest views on your video, the better revenue you get from your channel. 

Relation between Video Content Niche & YouTube Ranking

It has been seen that the niche of your channel aka the topic on which you’re creating video content matters. Videos related to education, gardening, etc tap lesser views normally than the videos on cooking, lifestyle, fashion, or entertainment related. 

Now, if your video is based on an educational niche. But if you’ve maintained the freshness of content within the video script, then the chances are higher that it will perform better. Usually, the video that has more views within 24 hours of its upload seems to have a higher ranking on the platform. YouTube even suggests that videos on other feed as ‘suggested for you’ content. 

How Can You Uplift The Freshness Of Your Content On YouTube? 

Considering you’ve already mastered and applied the organic YouTube ranking tactics such as visually appealing thumbnail, clear description, video quality, etc. There are some easy paid alternatives that surely give a boost to your ultimate goal of ranking your videos on YouTube. As discussed above, watch time is one factor that has the capacity to rank your video on YouTube. 

Now, think about what will happen if you run a paid ad on your video in the next 12 hours of upload. You will be getting more views on your video resulting in higher watch time, which also means your CTR will get better. The main hack behind running paid ads on your YouTube videos that too within 24 hours of uploading is to lure more viewers to watch your video. 

Final Action To Get Higher Ranking On YouTube

Till now, it is clear that you have to run ads on your videos in order to get more views. But how much should you spend to get those views? A common assumption is to invest INR 2,000-4,0000 within the first 24 hours of uploading if your videos are of education or gardening niche. 

However, the spending amount might differ when your niche is a hot or popular topic such as cooking, entertainment, etc. The cost per view increases depending upon the niche of the video. 


Ranking on YouTube means the right blend of both organic and paid tactics. Now, we hope you’ll surely leverage this top one ranking videos on the youtube trick discussed in this blog next time you upload a video. Till then, keep learning and keep experimenting to evolve in the digital marketing world.

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