What Is Facebook Ad Rejection

As an advertiser, when you create a campaign or ad with the objective to reach your target audience without knowing the advertising policies of Facebook then you may face ad rejections.

Facebook has some set of policies for advertisers to keep its audience experience good otherwise people will start leaving Facebook. 

Some policies are applicable in every niche but in some niches, there are more complex policies that you should strictly follow otherwise your ad will get rejected by Facebook AI.

Basically, when Facebook doesn’t allow you to run your campaign it is known as Facebook ad rejection. 

Why Your Ads Should Not Be Rejected Again And Again

Facebook ads manager is like a home. If any of the walls is broken in the home then it will affect the overall health of the house.

In the ads manager, your ads are the walls. Every ad should be strong and comply with advertising policies.

If Facebook rejects your ad then it affects the overall health of your ad account. To check the overall health of your ads manager account you can follow the below-mentioned steps:

1) Go to the ads manager

Ads manager

2) Click on three lines on the upper left corner 

All tools in ads manager

3) Click on the “Account Quality” and then click on the Account issues

Account quality in ads manager

In my account, there are no health issues. That’s why it is showing nothing here. But in your case, you may see some issues that impact the account health and ultimately these rejections could be the cause of your account suspension.

4 Reasons Of Facebook Ad Rejection

Facebook has different advertising policies that you should be aware of. But, let me explain 3 key elements that you should know for creating your healthy ad. 

  • Wrong product or service
  • Wrong element in the image
  • Wrong or claiming words in the ad copy and creative 
  • Misleading

Wrong product or service: Some products or services are not allowed to advertise on Facebook such as weapons, Alcohol, Dating, Online Gambling or gaming, etc. If you try to promote such a thing, your ads will be rejected right away.

Wrong Elements in the image: Some people use nudity or inappropriate elements in the creative which breach Facebook advertising guidelines. You shouldn’t use semi-adult couple images to promote adult products or you can’t use weapons in the image. All these practices will be the cause of the ad rejection.

Wrong or claiming words in the ad copy and creative: Facebook is strictly against claiming words. You can’t claim in your ad that your product or service will cure X disease or your course will make people millionaires. All these false claims are the reasons for an ad rejection. 

Misleading Ads: Misleading ads refer to the content you are showing in the ad that is different from the content presented on your landing page. If you mislead people this way then you would start receiving reports on your ad and Facebook would reject your approved ad.


Your ads should convey a real message without fooling people otherwise Facebook will reject your ads right away.

Also, create a product or service that helps people to solve their problems but never try to claim unrealistic things via advertisement.

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