Facebook has a variety of audiences with different interests, demographics, and behavior. 

Different industries have a different lead per cost, CPA (cost per action), and customer acquisition cost. 

To get the results on Facebook you need a systematic approach and a Facebook funnel. In the majority of cases, a non-systematic approach never gets you success on Facebook.  

But, as a beginner how can you build a strong verified funnel that converts well. 

Basically, you can create multiple funnels but it depends upon multiple factors such as: 

  • Business type
  • Business size
  • Business goal
  • Industry
  • Targeted audience

If you own a service-based business then you can use a simple Facebook funnel that I’m going to tell you forward. 

Facebook Funnel That Commonly Used By Service-Based Businesses

A funnel refers to a step-by-step journey of your customer from introduction to the brand till his first purchase.

Service-based businesses like to follow their customers to build more trust. The more trust a customer has in a brand the more chances are there of a conversion. 

Facebook facilitates advertisers to run a lead form ad where they can collect the crucial details from their prospects so they can follow them up later on. 

Facebook Lead generation objective

This is the simplest ad type that you can use to create a simple Facebook funnel.

Simply, run lead generation ads, and then the sales team will follow up those prospects according to their queries.

Every business is unique and your sales team may need to take 3 to 8 follow-ups to convert a prospect into a loyal customer. 

That’s it!

Yes, this is the simplest funnel companies use all over the world to gather data on their customers. 


People want fast interaction and special treatment from a brand to get converted. Also, the product or service you offer should be a solution to their problem. 

By keeping these points in your mind you can create multiple types of Facebook funnels to achieve your business goals. 

There is no limit in the terms of advancements in a Facebook funnel but it depends on how much complexity is required in your business type.

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