What Is Ranking Fluctuation

Every content creator publishes blogs or videos on the website or youtube respectively in order to rank higher and get more traffic. 

But, it’s confusing for most content creators when they publish a content piece and hope it would rank on some specific keywords, its ranking starts fluctuating. 

In simple words, when you start a new website or youtube channel to rank on some specific queries, you see fluctuation in the positions of your content pieces. 

It happens with approximately every content creator who is new. The simple reason for this issue is that your online asset (website or youtube channel) is not an authority in that industry. 

Increasing the authority of your online asset can surely help the ranking of your old and new content pieces.

1 Simple Tip To Fix Ranking Fluctuation

So, as we discussed above, you know very well that increasing the authority of your online asset will help you to stop ranking fluctuations. 

The one simple tip that you should follow to increase the online asset authority is to increase content uploading frequency.

The more content you upload, the more chances there are that your content pieces will go in the recommendations and you will start getting more traffic.

Also, it signals algorithms that you are active and you have expertise in your niche. That’s how you start getting more traffic and stability in your rankings.

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