In today’s digital era socialising is highly dependent upon how conveniently you could reach out to your virtual connection. While these connections vary as per the social media channel, reach, on the other hand, somewhat remains the same. But, Email Marketing is one such marketing tactic that helps you reach out to more people with the same socialising spirit. Thinking how exactly? Let us make you understand through real social media analytics as examples!

Example 1: YouTube 

If you’ve uploaded a new video on your YouTube channel that has around a 5k+ follower base, the SM Channel only sends out the bell notification update to approx 1000 subscribers. 

Example 2: Facebook

Similarly irrespective of how many followers or page likes your Facebook Business Page has, the post updates always reach out to a lesser number of people. That means the organic reach rate is quite low. 

Now the question arises whether Email Marketing is any better than these channels?

Is email marketing still useful?

According to research if you invest $1 in email marketing you will get a $44 return on average. It means that email marketing is a better alternative in comparison to social media portals when it comes to reaching your existing followers. There is barely any business in today’s time that has not leveraged the power of email marketing campaigns in its marketing strategy. It is one of the most effective ways to generate sales while consistently attracting, communicating, and nurturing your audience. 

Three Reasons for Collecting Customer’s Email Addresses

Now that you have a keen understanding of what email marketing does for your business and how it is superior to any other form of marketing strategy. Let’s dive deep into the importance of collecting the email IDs of your customers! 

You own your traffic

As explained above through YouTube and Facebook examples, email marketing is one such strategy that gives you complete authority to own your collected audience. For instance, in the case of YouTube and Facebook, you have to run paid ads to seek the attraction of your own followers. But, the same is not the case with email marketing. 

It all boils down to one thing: Email Marketing allow you as a business owner or marketer to own the traffic as it has a high deliverability rate. On the contrary, you have to invest money in order to reach out to your already following audience. 

Instant conversions

The main idea behind email marketing is to collect your potential audience data mainly email IDs and then chart an email marketing campaign. Your every email hitting their (customers) inbox is actually nurturing your potential customer base for you. Now whenever you market any product or service to them through email marketing, the chances are higher that they’ll end up buying your pitch. 

Getting higher sales conversions in a lower time duration is the second biggest advantage of collecting your potential audience’s email addresses. Remember, feeding your customers with the right information through emails is more like mining a gold mine. 

Repetitive Sales

Do you know what’s the best perk of maintaining an email list for your business? Your customer email list is never going to expire! It means that you can always continue sending emails to those email IDs to which you’ve already pitched a product or service. Playing smartly with your email copies including subject lines also helps you monetize your traffic better and leads to more conversions and sales. 

Final Verdict

The true marketing expert is the one who collects emails of their potential customers. Whether you’re a creator who constantly uploads videos on your YouTube channels or a blogger with good traffic on the blog, you are missing out on a big business opportunity if you’re not collecting email IDs of the traffic visiting your platform. So, keep collecting the email IDs of your potential customers!

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