“Facebook learning limited” is a status that appears next to your ad set in the ads manager if Facebook AI is not able to understand your ad set. It means Facebook is not able to give you the desired event outcome that you are looking for. 

For a better understanding of the Facebook learning limited issue, you can read “Facebook Learning Limited Status: What It Is And How To Solve This Issue?

In this article, we are going to discuss 6 checkpoints that you need to know for resolving the issue of “learning limited” in a quick way. 

Let’s jump into it.

1) Location Issue

If you are targeting one small region or location then your campaign may face a “learning limited” issue. The simple reason is that the type of audience you want to target in a specific region is not enough. It means Facebook can’t provide you the desired outcomes according to your budget.   

Use multiple locations to keep your audience defined and to increase the number of potential users so Facebook can serve your ad without any hustle. 

2) Too Narrow Audience

The creation of a too narrow audience can also be the reason for the “Learning Limited” issue. Keep your audience defined by selecting a good age range, gender, and all. 

For instance, if you target the age range only between 24-26 then you may face issues. In short, don’t keep the audience too narrow otherwise your campaign may show “learning limited” status.

So, make sure you select a proper age range like 24-48 or 18-38.

3) Small Remarketing Audience List

Remarketing is a great feature of Facebook. But, if you don’t know how to use it then you may face the “learning limited” issue.

When you upload your customer list for remarketing purposes then always make sure you have enough customers on your list. 

In easy words, if your list is small like a 1k or 2k customers list then your ad won’t be run smoothly. Hence, you should have a list of at least 8k to 10k customers if you want your ads to run smoothly without showing the “learning limited” status.  

4) Detailed Targeting Issues

Facebook facilitates us to target people on the basis of interest, behavior, and demographics. When you use these three options you get good results.

But, if you stuff multiple interests, behaviors, and demographics then your campaign may go in the “learning limited” stage.

The simple reason is when Facebook AI gets confused like what kind of interest or audience you want to target then it will be unable to serve your ad. 

So, make sure you add the most relevant interests, demographics, and behaviors (add 4 to 6 layers only).

5) Low Budget

Beginner advertisers start with a low budget and this is normal. Everyone should start with a low budget and gradually increase it once they start receiving the desired outcomes. 

But, when you keep your budget too low then it may cause a “learning limited” issue. For instance, you want to generate leads for your business and the average cost per lead is 50 Rs and you set your daily budget at 100 Rs per day then obviously it’s not gonna run.

In this case, Facebook can give you only 2 leads per day (it is the estimated value). Resulting in this, Facebook won’t be able to serve your ads further. To solve this problem, you should keep your budget at least 400 Rs per day.

6) Bid Cap Or Cost Control Feature  

Bid or cost control is a feature that can be better used with big budgets. As we discussed above, a low budget might cause your campaign the “learning limited” issue. Similarly, cost or bid control features can do the same thing.

If your budget is low or the audience is too narrow and you are still using the cost or bid cap feature then you are restricting your campaign to be eligible in the auction for the desired outcomes.

Stop using these features if your budget is low and you are not sure about your Buyer’s persona


Create simple and clean campaigns with a good budget if you want to eliminate the chance of occurring the “Learning Limited” issue. 

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