All owners required sales to provide fuel to their businesses. But, in today’s competitive market you need a really strong trust factor in objective to make sales or to acquire a new client. 

Without a strong systematic approach, it’s very hard for anyone to acquire new clients consistently.

After the pandemic, businesses must have an online presence in order to acquire new clients. Similarly, CA firms also need a proven system by which they can capture new leads and turn prospects into active clients.  

But, how would a CA firm do this? 

Here is the 5 step approach that CA firms can use to get new clients by using Facebook and Instagram ads.


Traffic refers to online users that are congregating on different online platforms with different intents. Facebook is a huge platform where you get millions of online users with different intents, problems, and preferences. 

In this huge traffic pool, you want to attract only business owners who want CA or accounts-related services. This is called your targeted audience. 

To attract this kind of audience, you need to build a buyer’s persona that will help you to make an imaginary persona of your prospect.  

The more data you have about your target audience the more chances are there to generate quality leads.

Facebook and Instagram are good platforms to start with if you have a low budget. But yes, you will get more mature leads with Google ads. 

On Facebook and Instagram, you can create traffic ads in order to get the target audience to your landing page. If you don’t know how to create effective Facebook ads then you can buy my Ebook “Overpowered Facebook Ads” to learn everything in detail.

Once you created the campaign and ad set, it’s time to create an effective ad copy. 

Ad Copy 

To attract a business owner, who is looking for CA requires an appealing ad copy with a strong benefit. 

For instance, you can write in your copy like how you provide GST registration and free complimentary service with it for 10-15 days. 

This would be a bait offer for your customers. You can create more different bait offers. Basically, you have to provide them something free to win their trust. 

Also, You need a graphic or a video that explains everything about your service. 

Keep 20% text on the image, not more than this, otherwise, you may face the “learning limited” issue.

Landing Page

The next step is to create a landing page in order to capture the customer details. You can capture 3 important details about your customer like Name, Email address, and Phone number.

For reference purposes, you can see a demo landing page below. 

Landing page

Landing page

Keep your call-to-action at the top of the page. Also, there should be an integrated form where the Name, Email address, and Phone number fields appear. 

The landing page should have enough details in a proper structure so it can clear all the doubts of your customer. 

While writing the content of your landing page, try to answer the below-mentioned questions in your content.

  • What would you offer to your customers? 
  • To whom do you offer the service?
  • How do you offer this service? 
  • What would be the pricing? 
  • What would happen if the customer is not satisfied with your service?  

Also, use your call-to-action (with form) 2-3 times on your landing page to influence your target audience to take an action. 


Offer is the most important thing that boosts conversions online. If your service is not demanding or the price is too high or the service is not qualitative then people won’t take action on your landing page. 

The simplest rule to build an effective offer is to provide 10X more value than the price point. Also, your first service should be affordable to all so you can acquire maximum clients as possible. 

For a CA firm, they can provide GST registration with a one-month free return filing service. So, the customer will give the whole work to the same firm. Your combination of free and paid services can generate tons of leads.

Nurture Process

Once you get a lead, it’s time to nurture your prospect to convert him into an active client. You can use two methods to nurture your prospect:

  • Calling
  • Emailing

Calling: If you have a sales team then this could be a great option for you. Your salesperson can convince the prospect by offering him more benefits or discounts. 

Emailing: If you don’t have a sales team then email sequence can work for you as well. Well-written personalized emails can build a strong relationship with your prospect. 

Note: People behave differently in different businesses so you need to evaluate how much time on average your prospects take in order to become your client. This is an experience-based thing that you learn with time.


A step-by-step approach is required to acquire new clients (the funnel). After the lead generation process, you need to build a relationship with your prospects to convert them into customers by nurturing them. 

All these efforts will not only help you to get new clients consistently but also it will help you to maintain a strong LTV (lifetime customer value).

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