Social media marketing services are mandatory for most businesses in this digital era in order to increase their sales metrics.

There could be so many services like copywriting, funnel building, ad creation, ad optimization, landing page design for conversions, etc. 

All these services help a business with brand awareness, brand positioning, sales improvement, and relationships building with customers. 

As a social media marketer, you can work as a freelancer or can open your own agency to provide your services to small, medium, and large size businesses. 

6 Essential Points Before Finding Social Media Marketing Clients 

To scale your social media marketing business, you need to understand the basic fundamentals in order to hunt new potential customers.

Hunting is a must-have skill if you really want to grow your business fast. Hunting refers to finding new customers aggressively. 

But, to start hunting, you need to understand the essentials of this process. That’s how you would be able to reach the right person with the right message. 

Let’s discuss the important points that you should focus on to hunt social media clients aggressively. 

Buyer’s Persona

A buyer persona is basically an imaginary persona of your customer. You need to understand who is your buyer and who is involved in his decision-making process in order to buy something from you.

Once you have a buyer persona, it is easy to move to the next step to build a system to hunt social media clients. 

In order to find social media marketing clients, you should focus on building connections with project managers or marketing managers who can outsource their company work to you. 

To find this kind of person, you can use LinkedIn.

Service Levels

Social media marketing is broad and you need to understand what type of service you want to offer. Also, what is the level of your service according to the industry standards?

For instance, if I want to handle daily posting tasks on social media platforms for a specific brand then the service level would be considered basic service. 

In simple words, services with more skillset and experience would be considered advanced level services. Services that anybody can provide will be considered basic services.

Services with more skills and experience will make you more dollars than the basic services. For example, funnel building for social media and paid advertising will make you thousands of dollars.

Evaluate your service level to find social media clients with the relevant requirements. 

Company Size You Want To Target

Maybe you have evaluated your service level and the buyer persona. But, the other thing you need to understand is the company size.

Basically, company sizes can be divided into three categories: 

  • Large
  • Medium 
  • Small

Large businesses only outsource their projects to authentic or renowned agencies. If you are not a well-known name in your industry then you won’t be able to get the project. 

Medium-size businesses can outsource their work to you (but, not all mid-size businesses). This category of businesses can pay you well but you need to explain each and every task briefly to win their trust.

Small business owners are easy to convince. But, you may face issues with the budget. Also, you won’t get work from them on a consistent basis. 

So, initially, you should focus on small businesses to build your portfolio and then gradually start hunting mid-size businesses.

Your Portfolio

The portfolio is a major factor in order to get high-ticket clients. In the digital marketing industry, it is proof of your work quality and experience. 

It is a gradual process in which you pick small businesses and use their results as your portfolio to acquire mid-size business owners. 

You can continue this process to hunt mid-size businesses on a regular basis. The more projects you have the more strong your portfolio would be. 

For instance, if you give Facebook ads services then you should have a screenshot of a Facebook ads manager in which you have run Facebook ads for a business.

Also, the results should be impressive from a perspective of cost and results. 

Apart from this, if you don’t have a portfolio then target small size businesses and convince them to get your service by explaining everything in detail.

Your Offer

Your offer should be compelling in order to generate leads for your business. To get more attention from your potential clients you can either give something free or can give something valuable at a very affordable cost in comparison to your competitors.

If you can create an offer that people don’t want to refuse then definitely your cost per acquisition will be less. It means people want your offer. 


Follow the above-mentioned steps and it will be so easy for you to hunt new social media clients. Pitch your service by explaining the benefits that your customer will get.

Educate your customer as much as you can and be transparent. This is the simple strategy to convert your prospect into a customer. 


In a nutshell, you should understand who your customer is and how you would reach them. Also, how would you convince them to get your service by showing some social proof as your portfolio? 

I hope this strategy will help you to grow your business and to hunt more social media clients.

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